West Lodge Scholarship Program

Our Program
West Lodge awards ( 3 ) scholarships to area high school seniors each year.  We try to award as much as possible to the students each year, the amount is not guaranteed and depends on the success of our fundraising efforts each year.
Historically that has been $1000 each.

Our Selection Process
Our approval process requires an initial screening to make sure that all submissions are complete and received before the deadline.

After determining eligibility, each application is evaluated independently by three lodge members. The committee meets to determine winners.

Applicants with family ties to any Texas masonic lodge receive additional evaluation points. Please mention any connections in your application. family. 

The Best of the Best
Upon finishing their evaluations, the  committee comes together to select the winners.  Any differences are thoroughly discussed until the deserving individuals are determined. Nonetheless, in the majority of cases, there is no need for debate as the judges independently arrive at the same conclusions about the applicants.

Our process is truly a competition.